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One sure way of securing return on investment is by developing the street frontage and other external aspects of your home. Australians love to live outdoors. With beautiful Alfresco dining areas that ensure your enjoyment.

Contrasts of shadow and light; always a strong statement!

Thorough design consultation provides assurances for Clients who are often nervous about committing to a certain design. The ability to convey a clear design brief is one of our specialties.

By having Mason & Maker undertake your remodeling and renovation projects, one of the main benefits is our ability to be versatile. We arrange all supply of natural stone; guiding you through the whole way. For a selection of some of the available stones, see our stone selection page.

As stonemasons, we can build structures, render, clad, tile and pave in exterior and interior living spaces. Retaining walls running along side of stairs, just waiting for a coat of paint…

Structural Retaining Walls, Stairs and Custom Coloured Grout… Mason & Maker style…

Classico Travertine blends especially well with Australian outdoor living areas and landscape features. We also have three other Travertine colours which are available. Please contact Mason & Maker for further details.

And of course, we seal all of our natural stone both before and after installation. The difference in sealing with water based sealants is remarkable… See picture below for visible difference of seal vs unsealed.

Showing before and after sealing application: A Big Difference!

And of course, we guarantee our structural and non-structural works beyond what is required by ‘industry standards’.


Looking for a Blue Stone Home Builder? We can help! | Design & Build Project Management

Are you looking to build a Blue Stone Home? We can help. Our design and build service for high performance, engineered house system, encapsulates preliminary design and procurement, including the tender and trade allocation of local builders and/or trades, regardless of your location.

Stone Blue Homes structural steel frame enables stone cladding units to be installed on both interior as well as exterior.

As experienced Construction Specialists, we can help manage your local trades in their installation of our Stone Blue Engineered House System.

Contact us for further information on how we can help provide solutions for fire protection (bushfire home design), seismic activity (earthquakes) and severe weather events such as cyclones and hurricanes.

A Regal Facade from Australian Sandstone | Stone Blue Homes

As purity is often the desired goal when dealing with any natural stone, there are few as pure as Australian Sandstone. Subtle colourations and banding are only second to the  smooth, luxurious appearance that the Stone Blue Homes Yellow Banded Sandstone displays.

Available in a range of finishes and styles, the Stone Blue Homes Cladding system can be designed to allow for seismic events such as settlement issues, on a small scale, as opposed to large scale seismic acceleration induced by earthquakes. Our system, when dealing with harsh environments such as seismic events, reactive clay soils, bush fires and significant weather events such as hurricanes and cyclones, can cater for these shifts as opposed to older building methods.

In being capable of retrofit and renovating existing properties, Stone Blue Homes provides solutions to adapt our natural stone cladding system to any existing structure: fire rated and weather resistant, your existing house or building will only be reinforced and protected by our proprietary mechanical curtain wall that utilises only the best natural stone.

Ask and see if Stone Blue can help in your efforts today.

Stone Blue Homes offers customised profiles in our range of architectural design elements.