Try Customised Stone Carving: Bluestone (Victorian Basalt) Egg & Dart Feature



Mason & Maker love the Victorian Era. The whole idea of another “Victorian Restoration” enthrals us.  We are a renaissance-minded group with a vision of reinvigorating and reconnecting with a more traditional version of contemporary building.

Contact us for custom designs and hand-carved architectural facades in Australian Natural Stone.

A BlackRock Bluestone French Provincial Keystone


Gold Gilding: Decorative Paneling, Antique Restoration Techniques

Although used with subtlety, the mixture of 18ct gold leafing on the light fixture and 24ct gold gilded mirror above the Australian Granite fireplace, the presence of gold warms any area.

Historically, the practice of placing malleable metals such as gold, silver and copper onto painted surfaces, also known as gilding (extending from the english/ germanic word ‘gyldam’; very closely related to “gold” obviously), has been utilized to embellish or coat ornaments and structural elements, further enhancing their aesthetic appeal.

An example of gold leaf embellishment — an entire ceiling decorated.

We are glad to offer refurbishment of your gilded household items or perhaps installing new gold or silver gilding on your favorite ornaments & antiquities in order to reclaim or add value.

Decorative paneling containing newly applied gold