Try Customised Stone Carving: Bluestone (Victorian Basalt) Egg & Dart Feature



Mason & Maker love the Victorian Era. The whole idea of another “Victorian Restoration” enthrals us.  We are a renaissance-minded group with a vision of reinvigorating and reconnecting with a more traditional version of contemporary building.

Contact us for custom designs and hand-carved architectural facades in Australian Natural Stone.

A BlackRock Bluestone French Provincial Keystone


Need a Custom Design for your Architectural Stone Features? Bespoke Handcarved Stone Melbourne

French traditional piers with ornate finial urns featuring wreaths and ramsheads

When considering appropriate ways to dress up your property or estate home, we can help by providing some theoretical concept designs and insight into what is feasible; physically and financially.

Contact us with your ideas and we can help you visualise and realise them no matter how complex.

This will help to reduce costs/ delays and help to give an artistic impression of what the general appearance will be. Completing projects that inspire and improve the overall sense of style will ensure increased ‘street appeal’ and, therefore, the value of your property.