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When looking to renovate or repair any heritage property, period home or masonry structure including monuments throughout VIC, consider our service which encapsulates heritage consultation and pricing, heritage maintenance, planning & scheduling including the acquisition of permits and grants if applicable.

We will submit comprehensive pricing which will allow you to decide and prioritise in which order your renovation occurs.

When our client first contacted us, the facade of the circa 1860 cottage located in Western Victoria had never seen a traditional restoration. In over 150 years, weathering and general deterioration of the mortar jointing, also known as pointing, was highly evident. Before Restoration, the c.1860 Bluestone Cottage in Western VIC was run down with…

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Instead of GIFFING like crazy, please see the following embedded youtube synopsis of all four sides of the bluestone exterior

Project Highlights

Renewing a 150 year old cottage is always rewarding. Although it is a often a journey fraught with blood, sweat and a few tears, the end result is something that is to be enjoyed for another century.

The process of turning random rubble into dressed square stone is definitely rewarding. Doing so will always provide a positive return for the client when selling in the future. The ribbon pointing, as well as the stone patching, will continue to age very well and should actually improve in aesthetics.

Per Ardua Ad Astra — With hardwork to the stars…

Mortar Joint Removal and Replacement, aka Re-pointing on Victorian Bluestone Cottage

Mortar removal and replacement, otherwise known as repointing or mortar repair, is a process where the jointing material between the bulk building masonry material, whether it be stone, block or brick, is removed and replaced with a suitable substitute.

Bluestone cottage squared random rubble stone wall where mortar, or pointing, removal has just commenced.
Same section of bluestone wall with mortar removed. For some, this look is also aesthetically appealing albeit not the most durable option.


In the case above, the original mortar material, as constructed 150 years ago, is being removed. The cottage had never seen a full renovation until now.

Shag-style ribbon pointing where burring is left to create texture. Parre!