Stone Brick™ Architectural Masonry Cladding System

STONE BRICK™ Architectural Masonry Cladding System

The Stone Brick System is efficient, cost-effective and is 100% natural product. We utilise Basalt, also known as Bluestone, cut into desired dimensions in order to replace,and supersede in many ways, conventionally fired clay brick and concrete block.

Being formed from a primary resource in all of its abundance,The STONE BRICK™System will provide the best in both aesthetics and performance whilst providing for a cleaner, more sustainable building product. In being so abundant, building you home in our Natural Basalt Brick or Block is a very cost effective option when compared to building in face clay or concrete brick and block.

Specifications (Dimensions – mm)

Standard Brick 230 x 90 x 110
‘L-Max’ Brick 695 x 90 x 110


‘A-Max’ Block 390 x 190 x 110

Standards in Masonry, Concrete and Mortars must be adhered to in order to install the STONE BRICK™ System in accordance with design. Check your local Standards for application and installation methods.

“ A Natural, Durable and more Attractive Alternative to Conventional Clay and Concrete Brick ”


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STONE BRICK™ Bluestone Standards laid in Flemish Bond with 4mm Ribbon Point