Stone Blue Homes | Boutique Stone Homes for Bush Fire Zones

Welcome to Stone Blue Homes! We engineer, fabricate and deliver our unique and cutting edge designs, enabling the construction of quality, boutique homes situated in harsh environments. Stone Blue provides builders, architects and landowners options for these typically difficult scenarios.

The classically designed, stone blue “Georgian” rated for Bush Fires

Our homes are specifically designed for bush fire zones and other areas prone to extreme weather episodes and seismic activity.

Our services ensure delivery of your bespoke firesafe home throughout Australia and beyond.

Our homes incorporate, and comply, with the highest level of bush fire assessment, BAL-FZ . Being constructed from Bluestone, a highly-resilient natural fire resistant material, Stone Blue Homes will protect your belongings, family and general home structure long into the future.

stone-blue-homes-georgian-fire-zone-house (PDF)

Fire Rated Stone Homes (Raw, Sawn Colours – Unpolished)

Non Fire Rated Stone Homes



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