Polished and Professional, Mason and Maker Stone Brochure Stands


Polished and professional, your brochures will never again be held by plastic stands. Capable of holding heavy brochures, the Mason & Maker business brochure stand is a classy way of presenting your businesses advertising material.

Contact mason & maker for further details and to have customised features such as business logos and other stone design elements.

see our product range shown under Stone Blue Homes for other available Australian stone colours and types.

New Headstone Selections for Victoria, Australia | Mason and Maker | G.H.Veitch Stonemasons


Australian-owned Monumental Masons providing Headstones and Monuments

As we are experienced Monumental Masons, we can help design and supply beautiful natural stone monuments and headstones throughout Western Victoria, Melbourne and beyond as required.

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Other services include, but not limited to, Hand Cut Inscriptions, Raised and In-laid (flush) Lead Lettering on Granite and Marble Headstones. Gold gilding and gravesite renovations and repair also forms an integral part of our expertise.


For more designs, please contact G.H. Veitch or check out our Monumental Headstone Selection for further inspiration

Need Dry Pack Stone Wall Repair and Install in Western VIC? Victorian Bluestone Dry Pack Walling


Looking to add value with stone that is laying around your property?

Living in Western Victoria has many perks. One of the biggest perks is the ample supply of Victorian Olivine Basalt, commonly known as Victorian Bluestone.


Whether it is an entrance to a golf course, estate property or even a suburban residence, dry pack retaining walls and fences are everywhere throughout Regional Victoria.

Dry pack is one of the original methods of construction. Mortarless building methods have been around for thousands of years. Places like Machu Picchu, and even Pyramid structures in Egypt utilised the mortarless method.


This property owner in Western Victoria benefited by using local stone which was extremely cost effective to collect for the construction of this style of landscape feature.


Fences are also another common structure which utilises the drypack stone walling method.

This front entrance featured a large basalt (bluestone) boulder which was carved into shape. A plaque, or nameplate, featuring the name of the property was carved as a feature as shown above and below.


At the entrance to the house, a dry pack bluestone retaining wall was constructed to retain a garden bed and to create a grade separation which helps to utilise the land more effectively.