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As Australians will be celebrating the “Great War” 100th year anniversary until 2018, it was a pleasure to help create a monument in Emu Park, QLD in order to help commemorate this special event for the locals; now and into the future.. As requested by Capricorn Sandstone quarry, who had donated a significant amount of the stone featured in the monument, I was commissioned to carry out inscription works for the Lions/ Rotary/ RSL Club in Emu Park who were also working in conjunction with the Bendigo Bank.

Setting out on Sandstone from Capricorn Stone, Rockhampton QLD

The standard procedure when approaching handcut inscriptions is to set out, gauging proportions, letter size and depth. As each cutter has a different style, just like handwriting, it is important to design the monument and lettering in accordance with the path of the sun.

If facing due west, as this monument was, the lettering really needed to compensate for this lack of light for most part of the day through increasing the size and therefore the depth of the lettering. However, if facing due North, the lettering could have remained natural v-cut. As we were unable to change the position of the monument, and with this in mind, the decision was made to paint the letters.

The local Mirror commemorating the event and monument.

Lest We Forget.

Need a Custom Design for your Architectural Stone Features? Bespoke Handcarved Stone Melbourne

French traditional piers with ornate finial urns featuring wreaths and ramsheads

When considering appropriate ways to dress up your property or estate home, we can help by providing some theoretical concept designs and insight into what is feasible; physically and financially.

Contact us with your ideas and we can help you visualise and realise them no matter how complex.

This will help to reduce costs/ delays and help to give an artistic impression of what the general appearance will be. Completing projects that inspire and improve the overall sense of style will ensure increased ‘street appeal’ and, therefore, the value of your property.


A Custom Solution – Watertight Expansion Joints for Stadiums – VICRestorations

Remedial Solutions for Problematic Public Structures


by Bryan Stralow, vicrestorations.com, on September 14, 2017.

When dealing with problematic water ingress issues on stadium structures, owners want a solution that will work — and last!

New or old, we can help protect the structure.

Whilst we use a combination of proprietary systems supplied to us by the world’s premiere manufacturers, our service is reinforced through our customised solutions. Our complete service is second to none. Simply contact us to arrange a site inspection and we will provide comprehensive supply and installation methodology, accurate pricing and responsive service; even after the project has finished.

Other structures where expansion joints are required;

  • Parking Stations,
  • Shopping Centres,
  • Civil Structures,
  • Bridge Superstructures,
  • Hospitals,
  • And many other public venues.


Solutions for removing faulty expansion joints are just what Stadium owners want

From Stone Cottage to Stone Feature in one Week | Stone Renovations VIC

A rough-squared random rubble Bluestone wall turned into something else…

By adding definition, what was constructed from random rubble, this cottage wall has been rectified, flattened and straightened; all without removing a stone. The remedial aspect is overshadowed by the stark contrast that dressing the wall has through the use of traditional ribbon pointing.

The original mason would be very happy with the outcome — as is the lawyer who is going to have this now as their boardroom feature.

From tired to eyeopener, it’s all in a weeks work!

Before restoration

From Rubble Cottage to Square Georgian Ashlar – Convert to add Value! Stone Renovations VIC

Georgian cottages tended to have a ‘rough’ back or side wall; sometimes also out of brick. Now the stone rubble cottage looks dressed the whole way around!

As a means of efficiency when building a Georgian Colonial cottage like the one pictured above, the original mason would have used off-cuts and remaining units which didn’t make the cut for inclusion in the dressed building front facade.

This ensured a quicker turnaround in construction by focusing on the architectural ‘viewpoint priority’.

That being said, you can also use traditional ribbon point to convert a random rubble stone wall into ‘square dressed’ ashlar. Not only does this method correct any cracking but it also cleans up the appearance of the wall to correlate with the dressed Georgian front facade.

You may also notice the removal of the render in the jambs of the window and door.

Render removal is a delicate process and is one done without machining. If you were to take a grinder to the render in order to remove instead of using a chisel or small bolster, you’d run the risk of removing, also, the tooling left on the jamb by the building mason.

After discovering the tooling, the chisel direction in removing the render correlated with the chisel direction of the tooling underneath. This further protected the detail.

Want a longer serving lime ribbon on Bluestone Repointing in VIC? Facade Restoration Melbourne

We are that confident of our repointing on bluestone we are happy to offer free replacement for ‘at-fault’ failure

Are you sick of your tuckpointing falling out on bluestone? The lime ‘lines’ that you find on brick but also some stone (in error) are non-structural lining. This means essentially as it sounds. It is a line drawn or ‘painted’ on the surface of masonry walling.

The idea behind brick tuckpointing is to remedy bad brick. Soft, crumbling brick, usually the result of either bad manufacture, long-serving/ unfavorable in-situ conditions or a bad repair, can be dressed up using the traditional brick tuckpoint. See here for an example.

This method is not really used in a traditional sense on stone. Our tamp pointing, or lime mortar re-pointing, as shown above, is traditional, normally up to 3 inches deep and will outlast any brick-style tuck ribbon. If it doesn’t at least make it for two decades in reasonable working order, we will happily remedy the issue free of charge for ‘at-fault’ failure.


How to Select a Heritage Home to Restore in Victoria | Heritage Building Consultant

bluestone-restoration-melbourne-victoriaWhen looking to restore any aging or dilapidated house or building, heritage or period home, there are several key factors that need to be considered when selecting the future project which should help keep costs down and ensure successful project turnaround.


As any building contractor will tell you, if it doesn’t have a good roof, think twice about buying it.

Roofing can be expensive with costs for complete replacement looking more like someone’s annual income–but this is not the only issue. If the structure has been exposed to weather, years without protection, then you would be right to assume that everything underneath will be more expensive to fix or replace.


One of the major causes of building failure, foundations are integral for the protection of the buildings’ structure. Without good conditions below, the above suffers in return; leading to uneven floors, door frame misalignment, cracking of masonry walls, plaster and reinforced concrete slabs; the list goes on…

This is even more important for aging properties which have been constructed utilising older forms of building methodology, i.e.- Stone Ballast, Mass Brick Footing, &c.

A good example of the idea behind mass gravity footings. Nothing new found here!

At the time of construction, the site was ‘preloaded’, typically by stone or sand/aggregate to ensure compaction of the subfooting soil. This was also a naturally occurring bi-product of working stone onsite which, due to being made from hand-hewn stone, usually took years if not decades to complete. By the time the structure had commenced construction, the site would have seen several hundred or thousands of tonnes of preloading.

When selecting a project, get professional inspection and geotech arranged to ensure soil conditions. Also, keep an eye out for large trees in the vicinity of the building.

Old Buildings + Old Trees = Footing Failure

For further information, please feel free to get in touch.

An old bluestone doorway made new again with “relieving lintol”



A New Entrance for a Victorian Terrace Restoration | Property Renovations | Melbourne


Old victorian terraces are hot property. As a very popular renovation project, most who set out to restore or renovate victorian-styled terraces, such as the one pictured below (and after, as above), often do so without clear planning. We can help with that.

A prime real estate target: An old victorian terrace awaiting renovation.
Renovations of porch or front verandah areas are one of the best ways to cost effectively alter the appeal of the terrace unit.

However, the freedom to alter your own verandah or balcony for that matter can be subject to scrutiny by the strata team, if required. Check out lookupstrata.com.au for more information.

Heritage Impact Assessments: Assess, Restore and Protect Aging VIC Structures & Buildings


When considering larger scale repair, renovation or redesign of the heritage building fabric, as part of our heritage planning and building consultancy services, we offer thorough investigation and reporting including, but not limited to;

  • Heritage Building Assessments and Condition Reports,
  • Heritage Impact Statements,
  • Structural Engineering,
  • Cultural Heritage Management Plans and,
  • Archaeological Investigations Services.

As a full-circle service approach, our tri-phase restoration platform basis of ASSESS – RESTORE – PROTECT, we endeavour to provide our clients with a complete service that ensure accurate and transparent pricing, excellent service delivered by experienced and industry-recognised specialised staff and a well-maintained building envelope long into the future.

Stadiums, Venues & Civil Structures | Concrete Repair | Expansion Joints #VICRestorations


As a traditionally-founded, professional restoration firm, we pride ourselves on our heritage and period works, but this alone does not define us.

As experts in repair & restoration, through the utilisation of our knowledge of structures, combined with vast experience in engineered products, we deliver remedial and restorative works on civil structures such as shopping centres, car parking facilities, stone, brick and concrete bridges, retaining walls of all sizes, wharves, tanks and silos.

Our expertise also spreads into the public sector stadium/ venue/ arena industries with previous projects such as this one (shown above) at the Old Perth Stadium or this video showing one of our bridge expansion joint systems, installed the night prior, taking vehicular traffic.

We also provide investigative & design services, and comprehensive building condition reports. Please contact us should you require quality project services.

Designing custom options for new public projects; we provided customised product solutions for the John Holland Group new Perth Childrens’ Hospital project.