Bricks and Mortar Investment: Restore your Stone and Brick and add value to your Home!


A good example of the difference in re-pointing your masonry wall, whether it be brick or stone. A visible difference.

Rule of Thumb: Gain Twice what you Spend! If you spend $25000, you add $50000 worth of value onto your property. This is only true if you spend it in the right way. One way to improve your house is to restore the brick or stone facade back to original or in some cases, a state surpassing original.


Are you Renovating and Selling your Property in Melbourne? Mason & Maker help you profit

Kitchen makeovers are just one part of the Mason & Maker service

As the Melbourne Real Estate market continues to boom, Mason & Maker have provided services to this expanding market through our renovation and interior decoration services for many owners throughout Melbourne.

Before Mason & Maker

We also work with Agents in preparing exclusive houses, apartments and villas for sale through adding our “temporary property overhaul” services where we provide solutions for improving the property’s aesthetics in order to take outstanding photographs and for the physical viewing process; thereby increasing your appeal and your return!

After Mason & Maker

Think of our service as, either permanently or temporarily, your ‘auction house stylist’. And psst… Agents, we can even arrange the photos for your advertisements saving on your downtime.

Why hire separate consultancies and photographers and pay more than one company?

Mason & Maker, #onecompanyoneoverhead



Mason & Maker, Restoring Victoria’s Regional Heritage Stone Buildings


Our next restoration project in Winchelsea, Victoria – an hour past Geelong. The bluestone cottage is approximately 150 years old (circa 1860) and is now used by a professional services company.

With ‘dressed’ pitched face bluestone, hammer dressed quoins and coursed random rubble, the front entrance is also adorned with a ‘celtic-themed’ centre/single pin arch; complete with springers, curved voussoirs and keystone.

Front Entrance with Keystone Arch
Coursed Random Squared Rubble

Stand by for more …

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