Want something Naturally TUFF to Clad your Home? TUFFBRICK™ Volcanic STONEBRICK™, available through basaltbricks.com

Take a look at a sustainable future by using natural stone that is in abundance and requires little processing.

Building a sustainable future in beautiful natural stone, sound good?

Natural Basalt, Volcanic Tuff and several other natural stones are durable, cost effective and are readily available.

Basaltbricks.com are compiling an online database of quarries situated from around the world that will be able to fulfill your orders in the most cost effective manner; eliminating costs from transport and the carbon emitted through logistics on top of the low carbon levels generated.


Want to check if your Masonry Wall or Heritage Building is safe? Facade Repair & Investigations Melbourne

Want to check if your Masonry Wall or Heritage Building is safe? Facade Repair & Investigations Melbourne

G.H.Veitch, as experienced operatives, carry out inspections of stone and masonry buildings and structures to assist asset owners in assessing existing condition of their masonry elements.

Our thermal imagery shows, in greater detail, the extent of structural failures which are catalogued and documented for future reference. These services are also heavily relied on in legal disputes as they help to reinforce the nature of the failure or repairs that have failed.

The above structure was a ~160 year old Sandstone chimney stack which had apparent repairs made within the last 2 months. Obviously the repairs did not work and the documentation was provided to the property owner for their use against the previous masonry contractor.

As the above image shows, the chimney stack is still tilting forward despite ‘repairs’ made two months prior. This chimney will need to be dismantled immediately to prevent damage to persons or property.