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G.H.Veitch Stone yard and Carpenter’s Shop at Parramatta Gaol/ Parramatta Orphanage, c.1850

The Cornwall Mason

OVER 150 YEARS AGO, there was an English mason by the name of William James Veach. The Veitch family traveled from the Germanic section of the Holy Empire (Rome) to Britannia in around 1200AD.

James, father to George Henry Veitch (Veach), worked predominately around the north-eastern corner of England; having hailed from Cornwall.

George Henry Veitch arrived in the Hunter Valley region of NSW around 1850 from England. He was commissioned to come to Australia to work at the request from a relative that was working for the public sector in Parramatta at that time.

George, together with four of his sons, worked on several prominent stone buildings around Australia’s first city, Parramatta; St Patricks’ Cathedral, Parramatta Gaol & Orphanage (pictured above), and private residences in the surrounding streets.

The Governor’s quarters, Parramatta – Circa 1860

The traditional techniques and masonry knowledge have been passed through the generations; preserving lost knowledge, further refined through technological advances.

To this day, we are a family-owned business and are very proud to continue on in the manner in which made the Veitch Family renowned and entrusted with constructing integral parts of our nations’ heritage.

In 2002, Bryan Stralow, the great-great-great grandson of George Henry, worked on the St.Patricks Cathedral, Parramatta; restoring the religious structure his ancestors had built.

Famam Extendimus Factis – Our reputation is extended through deeds