Mason & Maker is a collaboration of a Husband & Wife team.

Bryan Stralow, the Mason, is a highly skilled, traditionally trained restoration mason with over 20 years experience. He has worked on several large projects (and many small) across Australia. Bryan is originally from Sydney, Australia where he was trained in the restoration of Heritage Buildings. Bryan is also a highly skilled monumental mason, capable of designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke custom designed headstones, hand cut lettering and inscriptions, gravesites and monuments. He has advanced skills in moulding which also enable him to work with mixed media such as render (granosite and other) and solid plaster.

Tasha Simeon, the Maker, is an experienced couture dressmaker who has worked with  Australian Designer’s and Australian celebrities in Sydney and Melbourne. Tasha studied in Wellington, New Zealand and attained high industry standards allowing her perfectionism to shine through her designs which stem from a broad range of styles.

As creatives, together they can also offer painting and finishing services.

The Mason & Maker team combined, Bryan with his facade restoration and in-depth knowledge of materials, and Tasha with her skills in design and fabrics can restore your home inside and out!


Group Components

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