Want a longer serving lime ribbon on Bluestone Repointing in VIC? Facade Restoration Melbourne

We are that confident of our repointing on bluestone we are happy to offer free replacement for ‘at-fault’ failure

Are you sick of your tuckpointing falling out on bluestone? The lime ‘lines’ that you find on brick but also some stone (in error) are non-structural lining. This means essentially as it sounds. It is a line drawn or ‘painted’ on the surface of masonry walling.

The idea behind brick tuckpointing is to remedy bad brick. Soft, crumbling brick, usually the result of either bad manufacture, long-serving/ unfavorable in-situ conditions or a bad repair, can be dressed up using the traditional brick tuckpoint. See here for an example.

This method is not really used in a traditional sense on stone. Our tamp pointing, or lime mortar re-pointing, as shown above, is traditional, normally up to 3 inches deep and will outlast any brick-style tuck ribbon. If it doesn’t at least make it for two decades in reasonable working order, we will happily remedy the issue free of charge for ‘at-fault’ failure.