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bluestone-restoration-melbourne-victoriaWhen looking to restore any aging or dilapidated house or building, heritage or period home, there are several key factors that need to be considered when selecting the future project which should help keep costs down and ensure successful project turnaround.


As any building contractor will tell you, if it doesn’t have a good roof, think twice about buying it.

Roofing can be expensive with costs for complete replacement looking more like someone’s annual income–but this is not the only issue. If the structure has been exposed to weather, years without protection, then you would be right to assume that everything underneath will be more expensive to fix or replace.


One of the major causes of building failure, foundations are integral for the protection of the buildings’ structure. Without good conditions below, the above suffers in return; leading to uneven floors, door frame misalignment, cracking of masonry walls, plaster and reinforced concrete slabs; the list goes on…

This is even more important for aging properties which have been constructed utilising older forms of building methodology, i.e.- Stone Ballast, Mass Brick Footing, &c.

A good example of the idea behind mass gravity footings. Nothing new found here!

At the time of construction, the site was ‘preloaded’, typically by stone or sand/aggregate to ensure compaction of the subfooting soil. This was also a naturally occurring bi-product of working stone onsite which, due to being made from hand-hewn stone, usually took years if not decades to complete. By the time the structure had commenced construction, the site would have seen several hundred or thousands of tonnes of preloading.

When selecting a project, get professional inspection and geotech arranged to ensure soil conditions. Also, keep an eye out for large trees in the vicinity of the building.

Old Buildings + Old Trees = Footing Failure

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An old bluestone doorway made new again with “relieving lintol”