Cleopatra’s Needle and its historical use | Stone Monument

Stemming from Ancient Egypt through to its common use in todays monuments and cemeteries, the Cleopatra’s Needle is an impressive structure.

Erasmus Wilson’s Cleopatra’s Needle, donated by the State of Egypt.

Step into a cemetery anywhere in the world and you will undoubtedly fall upon the ‘Needle’.



Carrara Marble Cleopatra’s Needle – Available through Mason & Maker

Looking to Match Headstone Inscriptions? Hand Cut Inscription Service Melbourne


As experienced lettercutters, we have the ability to match any existing inscription style. With little or no sandblasting, the majority of our letters are handcut and can therefore identically match the existing epitaph font. This Carrara Marble monument, complete with sandstone plinth and curbs was recently restored with additional inlaid lead lettering- installed insitu. The main shaft of the urn pedestal was cracked in half and also had to be pinned.

Here are a few examples of the traditional style of setting out and inscribing to match existing font.



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Granitic Render | Texture Coating and Ornamental Rendered Brick for Facade Repairs

One of our specialties – Granitic Render with faux courses to imitate stone.

Granitic render is truly a dying artform. With the ability to simply drive down the road and purchase some premixed, colorized and perfectly blended paint with aluminum/ quartzite/ sand/ aggregate mixed through from any hardware or paint shop, there is no wonder.

Although technology has certainly changed the way that buildings are renovated, there is something very special about true granitic render. It is something that will never be replaced by plastic-based paints or ‘texture coats’. Some texture coats do look really good but there are some which don’t allow for the masonry to breathe.

Granitic Sand basically is as it sounds; sand from Granite. Crushed and screened, granitic sand has been a traditional building and masonry coating for many hundred years. It is used on buildings, monuments and many other architectural features.

Known for its durability, professionally-installed granitic render will astonish even the most doubting of critics. Try our services today.


Want to check if your Masonry Wall or Heritage Building is safe? Facade Repair & Investigations Melbourne

Want to check if your Masonry Wall or Heritage Building is safe? Facade Repair & Investigations Melbourne

G.H.Veitch, as experienced operatives, carry out inspections of stone and masonry buildings and structures to assist asset owners in assessing existing condition of their masonry elements.

Our thermal imagery shows, in greater detail, the extent of structural failures which are catalogued and documented for future reference. These services are also heavily relied on in legal disputes as they help to reinforce the nature of the failure or repairs that have failed.

The above structure was a ~160 year old Sandstone chimney stack which had apparent repairs made within the last 2 months. Obviously the repairs did not work and the documentation was provided to the property owner for their use against the previous masonry contractor.

As the above image shows, the chimney stack is still tilting forward despite ‘repairs’ made two months prior. This chimney will need to be dismantled immediately to prevent damage to persons or property.


#melbournetuckpointing method to revitalise #BrickFacade

Brick Tuckpointing before and after

Before and after tuckpointing ribbon is struck on freshly blended 120 year old brick. As you see, our method doesn’t leave the discoloration that other methods do. We evenly blend 3 or 4 colours to revamp the old faded brick.

We use traditional lime mixes and putties and cut our ribbons using straight edges and by hand in certain instances.

Another type of pointing on brick is our Raised Ribbon Pointing. This method provides a longer service life allowing you to not have to worry in the future.


Famam Extendimus Factis – Our reputation is extended through deeds


The Cornwall Mason

OVER 150 YEARS AGO, there was an English mason by the name of William James Veach. The Veitch family traveled from the Germanic section of the Holy Empire (Rome) to Britannia in around 1200AD.

James, father to George Henry Veitch (Veach), worked predominately around the north-eastern corner of England; having hailed from Cornwall.

George Henry Veitch arrived in the Hunter Valley region of NSW around 1850 from England. He was commissioned to come to Australia to work as a request from a relative that was working for the public sector in Parramatta at that time.

George, together with four of his sons, worked on several prominent stone buildings around Australia’s first city, Parramatta; St Patricks’ Cathedral, Parramatta Gaol & Orphanage (pictured above), and private residences in the surrounding streets.

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Bluestone Restoration | Willis Street Winchelsea | VICRestorations | Renovation Projects


Instead of GIFFING like crazy, please see the following embedded youtube synopsis of all four sides of the bluestone exterior

Project Highlights

Renewing a 150 year old cottage is always rewarding. Although it is a often a journey fraught with blood, sweat and a few tears, the end result is something that is to be enjoyed for another century.

The process of turning random rubble into dressed square stone is definitely rewarding. Doing so will always provide a positive return for the client when selling in the future. The ribbon pointing, as well as the stone patching, will continue to age very well and should actually improve in aesthetics.

Per Ardua Ad Astra — With hardwork to the stars…